Acciaroli – the Italian village where residents live to 100 years old.

acciaroli secret longevity

What is their secret? Could this studying on their longevity secret be applied all over the world?

Acciaroli is located on the western coast of southern Italy, approximate of 140 km south of Naples, opposite to the Tyrrhenian Sea. In 2012, Allan Maisel – an American cardiologist visited the village and he was amazed that there are many very man and woman who are living there. The population of Acciaroli is about 2000 people and nearly 300 people who are in their 100 years old or over 100 but without following a common healthy lifestyle such as moderate eating, exercise regularly, no smoking … This place has very low rates of Alzheimer’s and heart disease even they consume wine and cigarettes.

A study has been conducted by Maisel and researchers from University San Diego, along with the Sapienza University of Rome to study why residents of this place have a very long healthy life.

In the meantime, Maisel has found some of their secrets, one of them is eating Rosemary. They grow their own plant and garnish in pasta and oils. This herb has known for helping to prevent disease of old age like Alzheimer, improving brain functionality, improving memory, increasing blood flow to the brain and head, improving concentration.

acciaroli secret longevity

Next secret is Anchovies, which appear in every meal in this village. The fishes have oils which are full of antioxidants. Oily fish has been also known to help in lowering the inflammation and cholesterol.

acciaroli secret longevity

The next thing is their environment, there is not lots of industry here, so the air is fresh, plus beautiful weather, mild temperature, lots of sunshine, Mediterranean breeze, hilly mountain, and the beach allow them to spend lots of time outside the homes.

Last but not least, they live a very relax, stress-free life. They sit around drinking coffee in the morning, then wine in the evening.

So, these are some of their secrets, you can take away as tips and try to apply to your life to live a longer, healthier life includes breath more fresh air, relax and have fun, and pay attention to the diet, integrate some rosemary, anchovies, and move your body. Hope this information brings you 3 digits life span.