AZ Superfruit List For Super Anti-Aging

AZ Superfruit List For Super Anti-Aging

People often think that superfruit is some kind of fruits that are far better than other.  Actually, superfruits is a term in marketing  appeared in 2004. Nowadays, superfruits are any fruits that is loaded and packed with lots of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and especially antioxidant substance. Antioxidants is a substance that helps the body remove free radicals , dead cells, … anything that involved in getting the body aging. Today, we will look at so many superfruits that are available in the market that you can stick to your daily meal or daily snack to help reduce the signs of aging. Nowadays, some companies even extract their nutrients and condense into a pill, something that we call supplements. You can have the benefits of many many superfruits that if you try to eat for a whole month in order to get enough nutrients from them.


apple anti aging

There is a saying “An apple a day, keep the doctor away”. There’s a lot of truth about this saying. Apple is loaded with Vitamin C – a powerful vitamin, an antioxidant that helps the body to fight disease and anti-aging. Another thing is pectin – a soluble fiber, complex carbohydrate, that helps in digestion and regular bowel movement. Good digestion, good health. Anti-aging ingredients: Vitamin C, pectin.

Perfect for anti-aging: Avocado.


berries anti aging

A kind of fruits that are small, juicy, colorful, rounded, taste can be sour or sweet. They have lots of antioxidants value. Antioxidants are known to have benefits in remove free radicals damage that are occurring in the body every day, which cause the body aging rapidly. You can eat any kind of them from strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, or raspberries and Açaí Berries.


cantaloupe anti aging

Its flesh is pink or other colors, as it is high in beta-carotene, antioxidant, and lycopene. It is easy to eat and you can eat them as snack or salad. The nutrients help you to have better eye’s health, as well as having good, brighten and smooth, young skin.

Citrus fruits

citrus fruit anti aging

From orange, limes, lemon to tangerines … This kind of fruits is loaded with Vitamin C, nutrients and other chemicals that help the body to improve the immune system , detoxification, brighter skin and damage from a lot of sun exposure.

Dragon fruit (Pitaya)

dragon fruit anti aging

This fruit is rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin Bs, some proteins, carotene, good fatty acid from their seeds. Calcium, iron, and phosphorus are also found in this fruits. That promotes lots of health benefits such as improving the immune system, healing wounds, stronger bone, teeth, healthy blood and other tissue generation.


eggplant anti aging

This fruit has a shape of very big teardrops, skin is dark purple color. It is used widely in Asia, India … they are rich in vitamins, mineral, an abundance of fiber, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, … The health benefits of eggplant are numerous such as asthma, rheumatism, foot pain, skin disease. They also found antioxidant phenolics which has powerful free radical remover, helps in preventing heart disease and cancer development.


figs anti aging

They are easy to ripen and breakdown, so they often keep it dried to keep it longer and increased their nutrients. Figs are high in essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and others vitamins : vitamin B6, vitamin K. So they’re good for bone, lower blood pressure, a tonic for kidney and liver. Remember to not overuse as they contain sugar like fructose.


grapes anti aging

It contains a very powerful antioxidant called resveratrol which is good for eliminating free radicals damage, healthy heart, slow down Alzheimer’s disease. Other nutrients like phytonutrients which have the ability to prevent prostate and colon cancer.

Honeydewhoneydew anti aging


Like any other types of melon, they contain a high level of beta-carotene, lycopene, and antioxidants which have numerous benefits in anti-aging for eyes, skin and providing rich vitamins for the body.


We haven’t found any fruits that start with letter “I” yet.


jackfruits anti aging

A special tropical fruit, it has a shape of round like a giant egg, the skin is covered with thorn but soften. The inside flesh is yellow lobes, smell strong and taste delicious. Jackfruit is a powerhouse of nutrients which is abundance in vitamins (A, B, C, ..), minerals, fibers. It is good for losing weight as it provides full energy, low calories, and a feeling of fullness. It’s also good for digestion, constipation.


kiwi anti aging

When talking about Kiwi, they talk about New Zealand, but in fact, they are introduced in NZ in early 20th century. Its original is in ancient China called “Chinese Gooseberry”, Kiwi is a new name of the fruit because it looks like native bird “Wiki” bird in NZ. It is loaded with an abundance of vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, K, vitamin B6 and powerful antioxidant. So, they’re good for skin, bone, tooth, immune system, remove free radicals.


lychee anti aging

A beautiful, powerful, delicious tropical fruit. That you can enjoy, just by skin off and eating. Its flesh is white, soft and sweet. When keeping it dried, the white flesh turns into brown flesh and taste sweet like sugar. Lychee provides instant energy if you’re feeling tired and thirsty. it is a high level of vitamin B,C, potassium, niacin, thiamin, … which is good for the heart, blood pressure, producing red blood cells, improving the immune system for fighting cold and inflammation.


mango anti aging

Everybody knows mangos, it is sometimes called the King of fruit. It is rich in vitamins : vitamin C (very good for the immune system, helps in treating many diseases, super anti-aging property), A (good for eyes). Other flavonoids such as alpha-carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin, betacarotene. Some studies have shown the benefits of it in protecting against cancer of the prostate, breast, colon, …


apricots nectarine anti aging

Nutritious food which contains low cholesterol, low saturated fat, rich in vitamins: vitamin C, vitamin A, B-carotenes, E, K. It helps to promote elasticity, firm in skin. Minerals are also rich in nectarine like potassium, sodium, iron, lycopene. Especially, flavonoids such as cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin are good for premature aging, eliminate free radicals.


olives anti aging

This olive can live long for hundreds of years. It is famous in the Western country like Spain, Greece, Italy and Mediterranean region. Black and green olive are of the same type but only different in the time of picking. They can be used in various ways such as eating fresh, pickled, soaked in oil, salted …This is powerful antioxidants which have the ability to prevent numerous of disease such as stomach cancer, breast cancer, DNA damage, stroke, heart-related disease, nervous system, immune system, cardiovascular disease, etc. It also contains natural fat that is good for the body such as omega-3-rich alpha-linolenic acid.


pomegranate anti aging

This fruit is beautiful, an abundance of good things for the body such as antioxidants (polyphenols, punicalin), vitamins: A, C, K. Minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Sodium, and a good amount of fiber. You can consume this fruit by just eating or juicing.


We haven’t found any fruits that start with letter “Q” which is good for anti-aging yet.


raspberries anti aging

Like any other berries fruits, this fruit has an abundance of antioxidant substances, vitamins (A, C, E, K) and minerals (Potassium, Manganese). One of the most important in removing free radicals is Vitamin C which is contained in it richly. Especially, oxygen radical absorbance capacity is one of the highest levels compare to other fruits. This fruit has been known for its anticancer, anti-inflammation benefits.


strawberries anti aging

They are a rich source of ellagic acids, ellagitannins, flavonols, terpenoids, anthocyanins, phenolic, all phytonutrients which combine together to create anti- inflammation, anti-cancer benefits. It also contains anti-aging elements, rich in vitamin C.


tomatoes anti aging

We all know tomato, we eat them every day but do you know their potential in ani-aging. It is abundance in nutrients in terms of vitamins (A, C, E, K), especially they contain no fat. Tomatoes contain numerous of minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, folate, niacin, thiamin. It is very good for your skin, it acts as sunscreen when you consume it.

Ugli fruit

ugli fruit anti aging

It’s the funny name, but it’s not that “ugly”. A “deliberate or accidental hybrid” with grapefruit, mandarin orange, pummelo, and tangerine, ugli fruit is a unique tangelo variety discovered in Jamaica – 1917. Like other citrus fruits, it has a good amount of vitamin C, vitamin A. It has some benefits like citrus fruits.


We haven’t found any fruits that start with letter “V” which is good for anti-aging yet.


water melon anti aging

It contains over 90% of water and 10% of nutrients rich in antioxidants, lycopene, vitamins (A,C,B6) which are good for protecting the skin, heart, prostate.


We haven’t found any fruits that start with letter “V” which is good for anti-aging yet.

zucchini anti aging

It is a family member of the gourd. The skin is very good in fiber and antioxidants, so please remember do not to peel them off when you eat them. It is rich in B vitamins, B Complex (B1,B2,B3) ,choline, and other minerals such as magnesium, zinc, potassium. It is also an abundance of antioxidants which are good for anti-aging like carotenes , zeaxanthin, and lutein.

Source: AZ Superfruit List For Super Anti-Aging