The secret to Longevity of Spanish – second to the famous Japan.


With over 100,000 people who is greater than 100 years old, the average life Span is the second highest place in the world after Japan. These candidates below reveals their secret to longevity and health.

The average life span in Span is 83,2 lower than 83,4 of Japanese. This is the latest statistic information from OECD.

For over a year, photographer  Andrea Comas has interviewed a group of people who is over 100 all over Spain to know their secret to longevity and health. These tips include drinking honey, regularly eating Gazpacho … Find out more detail here.

Drink a tbsp or tsp of honey every day.

Rafaela Pons – a 102 years old woman from Ferreries city on Menocar island said that she thinks by drinking honey every day that helps her to live longer and healthy.

Playing the piano

Mr. Pedro Rodriguez, 106 years old, who is living at Cangas de Onis, Asturias, north of Span. He plays piano every day since childhood. This habit makes him feel younger, and feel life is worth living.

Eating Gazpacho

Maria Josefa Guillen, 103 years old woman, from  Cazalla de la Sierra, Seville, South of Span. She likes to eat Gazpacho so much and think that the ingredients of tomato and cucumber in the soup have helped her to be always healthy.

Reading and performing

Mr. Maximino San Miguel, 102 years old man, from Leon. He begins to realize his loving for performance and begin to join perform in play since the 80s. Even though he couldn’t learn from school because of his childhood as a shepherd, he always loves reading books, especially traditional books. He believes that those two hobbies have enhanced his life expectancy.

Think like the young think

This is the tip for living super longer from Mr. Francisco Nunez, who is only 112 years old, from Bienvenida, Badajoz, South of Span. He is living with his daughter – 80 years old because he doesn’t like living in the home for the aged with full of elder people. He doesn’t care his age and always thinks like a young man and this is the secret to his longevity.

Go away from the city

Mr. Gumersindo Cubo, 101 years old man, from Casavieja, Avila, close to Madrid, told that when he was young he has lived with his eight brothers and sisters, in the forest, because their father was a forester. He said “he lives longer because he breathes raisin air from the forest since childhood”

Awareness of disease

Esperanza Fernandez, 103 years old woman, who is living with her daughter in Salamanca, in the middle of Span. Her two sisters are also over 100 years old. She remembered there was a plague in town, which killed half of population there. Her father forced the family stay within the home and do not allow anyone to enter. The whole family has won the plague after that.

Have fewer children and diligent in gardening

Pilar Fernandez, 101 years old woman, who is living with her daughter Pili, and granddaughter Flori and great-granddaughter Ana, from Ambas, Asturias. She decided to have only one child. And she said that this was a correct decision and she lives happily and healthy with garden works, raising domestic fowls.